5 Temperate Woodland & Shrubland Fun Facts!

5 Temperate Woodland & Shrubland Fun Facts!

– This biome is characterized by a semiarid climate & a mix of shrub communities & open woodlands.

– Temp woodland & shrub-lands receive hot, dry summers; cool, moist winters; thin, nutrient-poor soils; & periodic fires.

– Temp woodland & shrub-lands are distributed over the western coasts of North & South America, areas around the Mediterranean Sea, South Africa, & Australia.

– Woody, evergreen shrubs with small, leathery leaves; fragrant, oily herbs that grow during the winter & die during the summer are some of the more dominant plant-life partaking in a temperate woodland & shrubland.

– The growth of dense, low plants that contain flammable oils make fires a constant threat.


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