5 Tropical Savanna Fun Facts!

5 Tropical Savanna Fun Facts!

– Receiving less seasonal rainfall than tropical dry forests but more than deserts, tropical savannas, or grasslands, are individualized by a cover of grasses.

– Warm temperatures; seasonal rainfall; frequent fires caused by lightning.

– Dominant plants of the tropical savanna consist of tall, perennial grasses; occasionally drought-tolerant & fire-resistant trees or shrubs.

– Tropical savannas scatter over large parts of eastern Africa, southern Brazil, & northern Australia.

-Compact soils, periodic fires, and the action of large animals prohibit some savanna areas from turning into dry forest.


5 Tropical Dry Forest Fun Facts!

5 Tropical Dry Forest Fun Facts!

– Tropical dry forests grow in places where rainfall is seasonal, not year-round.

– Tropical dry forests are usually warm year-round with alternating wet & dry seasons.

– Distributed throughout parts of Africa, South & Central America, Mexico, India, Australia, & tropical islands.

– Tall, deciduous trees form a dense canopy throughout the wet season.

– During the dry season, almost all of the tress drop their leaves to conserve water.

5 Tropical Rain Forest Fun Facts!

5 Tropical Rain Forest facts!

– Tropical rain forests are home to more species than all other biomes combined!

– Tropical rain forests distribute over parts of South & Central America, Southeast Asia, parts of Africa, southern India, & northeastern Australia.

– Broad-leaved evergreen trees; ferns; large woody vines & climbing plants; orchids & bromeliads all participate in the dominant plant life of tropical rain forests.

– The leafy tops of tall trees-up to 80 meters above the forest floor-form a dense covering called a canopy.

– Tropical rain forests are hot & wet year-round with nutrient-poor soils.

Did you know…?

Did you know that there are approx. 10 major biomes? The world’s major biomes include:

tropical rain forest

tropical dry forest

tropical savanna


temperate grassland

temperate woodland & shrubland

temperate forest

northwestern coniferous forest

boreal forest

& tundra